What is Daximation?

Daximation is a software program to help coaches and ambitious players create animated sports diagrams. It is completely online and free. It works for any sport and any language - all you need is a web browser. Diagrams can be static - you do not have to animate them. They can be simple drills or complex tactical analysis.

Daximation requires Mozilla Firefox.


Who is it for?

Why should I use it?

Why am I doing this?

I normally have some sort of programming project on the side to teach myself some new technology. In this case, SVG. I also coach soccer. I saw an opportunity to combine the two and make a sports tactics program online. I've taken the extra step of opening it up to the world through the URL Daximation.com (My middle name is Dax). If people like it, maybe they will be generous and donate or click on some ads.